Noosphere Ventures July: An interview with Max Polyakov, Three Legs of Venture Investing and Future of Electro-Jet Low-Thrust Engines by SETS

The era of the electro-jet engine industry is here, or should we say: is almost here? Thanks to Max Polyakov of Noosphere Ventures. Max reveals a host of contracts that his company has made with Firefly Aerospace, the space technology wing of his Noosphere Company. He leaves you with plenty of fond imaginations, in terms of the direction for spacecraft development in the future.

Firefly Aerospace is growing like a bush fire. The company has signed some groundbreaking contracts with Ruag for the supply of payload adapters for the small vehicles lined up for launching. The innovation will permit the company to bolt the satellites earlier to the propelling of the space vehicles but discharging them from thereon.  Ruag is reputed to have produced hardware that managed to release satellites in excess of 600, while in space. All the spacecraft were successfully delinked, with no mishaps.

Noosphere and Ruag partnership is angling for launching six spacecraft. Firefly management believes that Ruag supplies will enhance the safety aspects during and after the launch of their spacecraft. In particular, the company plans to launch a spacecraft in December this year. The exploits of Noosphere and Firefly demonstrate that there is work going on in Max Polyakov’s companies. The persistence to carve a niche in the aerospace industry seems to be yielding fruit.Firefly Aerospace has signed intellectual property rights and support in engineering with leading players from abroad.

Standing on Three Legs

Max says that traditional airspace technology companies have over-relied on horizontal integration. However, he places his lucky bet on vertical integration. He quips that in the event that his bet wins, Firefly will enjoy a third of its sales being taken up by its affiliate companies. He says then the government will consume about 40% while the remainder will be taken up by the general commercial clientele. The price is likely to see these projections come to pass. Max Polyakov reasserts that such developments will place his companies on a steady three legs standing in business, and in the development of ground-breaking, cutting-edge technologies in the aerospace and electro-jet manufacturing

Apollo Inspiration

Max Polyakov confesses being inspired by the achievements of the first generation spacecraft technology buffs such as Apollo. Ukraine took pride in its contributions to space technology growth in the former USSR, and in the latter’s muscle-flexing moments with the USA for aerospace superiority. Max Polyakov is constantly trying to help Ukraine regain its leadership position in space technology development through Noosphere and Firefly Aerospace.


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