Top 5 Tips & Tricks to Win Escape Room Games

We all know that an ESCAPE ROOM is such a fun thing to take part in. Sometimes the competition gets heated. Often when you are in the game, you constantly lose yourself in the mysterious and adventurous design of the game and may divert your attention by just staring at impressive walls, optical illusions, crazy room environment, etc. Although it is a friendly battle versus you and your friends or family, you may sometimes want to show dominance or celebrate a virtual birthday party with your friends.. You need to follow certain steps to get out of the room. There could be situations where you might find puzzles and clues, but you couldn’t crack them, which may cause failure.

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The first and most important thing you are supposed to do, is to find the hidden things in the room. There could be many things which camouflage in the surroundings. Try to touch everything in the room with your bare hands. That way you will get to know whether it is the actual object or a hidden clue. There are many places where you can find them in an Escape Room. The places could be so silly to think. It could be near a door stopper, near the ceiling, or on a carpet. Every object in the Escape Room can lead you to the clues which can get you out of the room quickly. So, next time you get into an Escape Room, don’t forget to search every bit in the room.  



When you enter an Escape Room, you probably find a story that leads to escape. Figure out the linking of the story and find clues. So, the game designers design the game in such a way that one clue links with another. When you find a clue and crack it easily, your job is not over yet. Figure out the next step from that code. They hide all the clues in the rooms which takes you from place A to place B. Listen to what your teammates are telling. The clues which you find may link with the clues found to your teammates. 

So, you better have good communication, while you crack codes and solve puzzles with them. It fastens the gameplay and takes the game to the next level. If something is repeatedly falling into your sight, then it can’t be a normal thing. It is giving you the hint that there is something abnormal about that thing. It may lead to some other similar things which in turn helps you get out of the room the quickest way possible.


When you enter an Escape Room, you will find many mysterious things that are quite confusing. Be sharp to figure out some logical puzzles. Sometimes you would find a clock, and you just pass onto the next thing. When you observe carefully, it is not just a clock but can be a clue that shows you the direction. Carefully observe all the numbers and letters which will lead you to victory. 

Numbers on the walls are not just numbers, but they constantly guide you to something. Figure out logics in the number of patterns and letters in your surroundings, which definitely has a thing to do. Sometimes there are certain pieces of hints which match with your teammates’ hints. Ignore nothing which you may think is useless. Once you match it with your friends, it shows you the full picture.   


When you find something, shout out loud to take that hint to your teammates. You may not understand what that clue means. But if you take it to your teammates, they may figure out what the clue is. You need to take the help of your friends to crack some codes. Ask for help if you want to move some objects in the room if you think there could be something under it. Never move in your own path, involve the entire team, and tell them what you are about to do. So, they will have an idea about what things you are doing. Mathematical equations can be solved quickly with the help of others. Make sure you solve it twice to get the correct clue. 


Cross-check with your teammates when in doubt. This will make your team escape the room quickly. It is always a splendid thing to see things from two perspectives. Call your friends and show them what you find. That way their perspective may show you something different. There are many combination puzzles in Escape Rooms, which are to be solved by taking the help of your teammates.


Escape Rooms are all about mystery. You never know what’s hidden behind walls. Carefully observe the walls in the escape room. Because not all walls can’t be walls and not all doors can’t be doors. The game designers are so intelligent that they mix the walls with doors and vice versa. It is the job of a player to check all his/her surroundings. Never miss an opportunity in the form of a door. Doors have locks and to find those locks people usually search all the things except the door. It is silly if the lock is within the door itself. Your perspective towards the room will define your probability of winning

Check every wall to know whether it is a wall or is there any hidden door in it. Every escape room has its own theme. Every theme has its own doors camouflaged inside a wall. There should be a knock on all parts of your surroundings to get the hidden clues. 


To win the “ESCAPE ROOM you should not only be physically well, but your critical thinking capacity should be even higher. The main important thing in the game is to look at things from unique perspectives. Looking at things from two different perspectives will get you more hints and clues. If there is something wrong in its position of an object, then it is definitely something that you need to look at keenly. Insignificant things matter more in an Escape Room as they take you from level 1 to level 2 of the game. 


Be attentive to all the surroundings of the room. You can easily get out of the room if you logically solve all the puzzles. Best of luck with your next game.

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