Here Are Some Major Advantages of Flap Boxes

In the e-commerce business, flap boxes are the most familiar type of boxes used to pack products for shipment or other purposes. You might have heard about cartons, Flap Boxes are the most commonly used cartons. The design of these boxes is very simple and their versatile nature would allow you to use them in different ways. The retail stores, especially the online stores use these boxes for the shipment of products from one place to another.  

The size and material use to make your box would depend on your requirements. While choosing the material for flap box, you have to be very careful, for the robust product you can use low-quality material, but for delicate items such as perfume and cosmetics, you should use high-quality material with a thick layer to prevent any damages. You can tell your service providers about the nature of your products and he would suggest to you about the right kind of material for your products. You must also make it clear to the company, why you are ordering boxes if you want to ship products using these boxes or use them for keeping inventory. In both cases, the material used and design would vary. 

The following are some key advantages of using flap boxes.

Secure Shipment of Products

For the online stores and e-commerce industry, delivering the product safely to the customers is important, yet challenging. The companies have to face a lot of complaints from customers about faulty and broken products that not just make customers furious, but also not good for the reputation of the company. Breakages on your products happen during shipment because some products are so sensitive that they break by minor hits. To keep the products safe against damages, it is essential to use high-quality material for packaging to avoid cracks and fractures. Flap boxes are effective at protecting your products against severe damages that are significant for the smooth shipping of products. High-quality boxes would help you secure the company’s credibility and reduce the customer’s complainants regarding products.  

They Are Cheap

One of the best things about these boxes is that you don’t have to invest a lot of money on them. They are super cheap and you can easily afford them. If you cannot have enough money to buy those expensive custom boxes, this is the best option for you. Flap boxes are proved to be a boon for local businesses and startups who can’t afford costly packaging for their products. You can order these boxes in bulks and it can further reduce the cost. 

Customized Designs

Most of the companies use simple flap boxes without caring much about the designing and presentation. They just print the logo on the box and that’s it. But if you want to make your package look more exciting, you can add custom designing to it. For example, you can make graphics on boxes or use other decorative stuff to make it look more appealing for customers. You should keep in mind the budget because the more design you will add to these boxes, the more cost you have to pay your service providers. 

Manage Inventory

Flap boxes can be used for different purposes. Many companies use them as a package to ship their products but can be other uses for these boxes. The retailing stores have to manage a lot of inventory at warehouses and for this, they can use the flap boxes. Many stores are already using these boxes to put their inventory items because they are no very expensive and they can easily afford them within their budget. 


In this article, I have discussed some major uses and benefits of Flap Boxes and how companies can use them for shipping and inventory purposes. You can order these boxes in bulk and save a lot of costs. There are many companies offering good quality flap boxes to the customers, you can contact them to place your order. While ordering the boxes, you must tell them in detail about your needs, for example, the size, design, and material you want in the boxes. 

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