The Perks of Opting For iCloud Storage For Your Phone

Let’s face it; we all but live on our phones. All of our pictures, documents, financial information, and so much more live in our expensive glass sandwiches. However, this can create problems when we don’t have enough space.

What do you do when your phone gets low on space, but you can’t delete anything else? Do you drop another several hundred dollars for an upgrade with more storage space?

Before you spend your money on a new device, you should look into cloud storage. Below, we’ll discuss the many benefits of cloud and iCloud storage for your phone.

What Is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is a term that’s circulated in the tech world in recent years, but it’s much older than it seems. Cloud storage got its start in the fifties and sixties as a means for fast and secure governmental communications.

What is cloud storage? Put simply, cloud storage allows users to access data stored in another place from any device or location.

Your access is no longer limited by what your devices can carry. With cloud storage, you can access any file or program from any location or device that you have. If they can communicate with the storage server, you’re set.

Why You Should Use Cloud Storage

The benefits of cloud storage should seem obvious in describing what it does. Being able to sync or access any file you’ve stored in the cloud from any location or device is a fantastic modern convenience. It makes your data easy to use and easy to access from anywhere at any time.

Cloud storage also benefits from much stronger security protocols than your standard phone or computer user has available. This means there’s less worry about your data being breached.

Sharing and collaborating on your files has never been easier with cloud storage. It’s also easy to access backups in the event of a disaster. Plus, you can scale your storage plan with your particular cloud storage needs.

Here’s Why You Need iCloud Storage for Your Phone

With so many cloud storage options on the market, e.g. Google, DropBox, and others, you might wonder why iCloud storage should be your cloud service of choice. Below, we have listed some of the many reasons this storage service stands head and shoulders above the rest:


If you are using an Apple-branded device, choosing iCloud storage for your phone is as simple as turning on the iCloud backup option. You don’t have to mess with finding or vetting any third-party apps, as iCloud’s built into the ecosystem.

All you need to do is set up an iCloud account and log in. It’s that simple.

Ease of Use

iCloud’s photo storage is especially helpful with its Memories feature. Memories automatically creates albums of your photos based on holidays, trips, friends, and your best photos of each year.

Want to find that hilarious candid picture you took of your best friend two years ago? You can find it easily.

Syncing with iCloud is simplicity in itself, especially if all your devices exist in the Mac ecosystem. iCloud can sync with any device you have. This makes it ideal for young professionals on the go to start a project on their phone and wrap it up on their laptops.

Top of the Line Security

iCloud and Apple in general have some of the strictest security protocols of any tech titan. Unlike Google, which scans every file uploaded to its storage, iCloud practices end-to-end encryption.

This data encryption means that hackers won’t be able to access or understand your debit or credit card information, addresses, accounts, or health information you keep stored automatically.

Additionally, while many cloud storage services make Two-Factor Authentication optional, Apple tends to keep it on by default. iCloud also only allows permanent access on devices you choose to trust, meaning that if someone wants to hack your account, they’ll need to go through Two-Factor Authentication every time.

Best Price Point

Unlike many comparable cloud storage options, iCloud offers a fantastic free option by default: 5GB of storage that can be accessed by multiple users. Most other cloud storage programs only allow free access to limited storage for one user.

This makes it easy for any family to set up cloud sharing and keep tabs on one another. If you find that the free storage plan isn’t enough, you can get as much as 2TB of cloud storage for the whole family at $9.99/mo. iCloud offers many storage tiers, so do some research to find the best iCloud storage pricing for you.

Feeling Supported

Nearly everything in the Apple ecosystem, including the App Store, is connected through the iCloud. This means that iCloud offers unparalleled support for your file sharing and editing needs. This makes accessing any files that need editing, uploading, or transferring easy and seamless.

Let’s Recap

To recap what you’ve learned: cloud storage is an incredible modern convenience allowing you to access any file from any device or location, without being tethered to the device’s internal storage. iCloud storage stands above all its peers for its accessibility, ease of navigation, ease of use, security, and support. For those reasons, when given the option, you should always choose iCloud storage for your phone over any other program.

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