Supplies Every Engineer’s Home Office Should Have

An engineer takes on a wide range of tasks in the field and in the office. Whether you’re bringing your work home with you or preparing to work from home on a full-time basis, check out these key items every engineer’s home office should have. From a spacious desk to professional survey equipment, find all the gear you need at Engineer Supply. Keep your home office feeling comfortable while still providing for all your professional tasks and duties.

Personalized Desk Space

The focal point of every modern desk is a computer. Make sure you have a comfortable keyboard and plenty of room to set your desktop or laptop computer. Your desk is a personal statement about your type of work and your personality, so take your time in carefully selecting the best desk for your home office.

If you work on a wide range of projects and need to have multiple projects going on at the same time, consider investing in two desks. Changing your seating arrangement and desk helps put you into a different state of mind as you tackle two or more unique projects at once.

Space for Typical Projects

Develop new ideas and implement your latest improvements with enough space for your particular projects. Because there are a wide range of daily activities and special projects that engineers take on, you’ll need to create a space that fits your particular skill set and typical projects.

A common feature of an engineer’s workspace is a drafting board. Unless you perform all of your designs digitally, your home office will need room from a full-size drafting table. Additional seating for group meetings can also be helpful for your home office.

Lighting for Video Calls

Modern teams are using video calling technology to stay connected while working remotely. If you don’t already use video conferencing to connect with your team, you’ll likely use this feature in the future. Design a home office with a professional background and clear lighting. Consider ways to reduce ambient sound and improve video quality, such as installing a professional camera and using a headset.

Carefully consider the background for your video calls. A professional background should be free from distractions, but a blank wall doesn’t always promote professionalism. Consider a professional wallpaper pattern or other slight accent to your home office. Just like the rest of your office design, you want it to convey a sense of professionalism while still inspiring you to stay focused on your project.

Personal Items for Inspiration

Just like your desk at the office, your home desk should have reminders of your friends, family and hobbies. Leave space for your favorite coffee mug, hand a few photos on the wall and make space for new crafts that young children may have created. A few personal items helps you stay connected to your outside life and helps bring a little home into your home office.

Quality Office Chair

Your office chair is a critical part of your home office. Unless you’re using a standing desk, your office chair is the primary way you can stay comfortable as you work. Take time to review various chair styles and test a few out before selecting the best one for your home office. Choose an ergonomic option to avoid fatigue and discomfort if you must sit for long periods at a time.

Organization Supplies

All your paperwork, survey equipment and to-do lists need their own storage space. A cluttered desk can be a serious distraction to your work, so organize all your office supplies to streamline your space and help you stay on track. Your storage needs and organizational style will depend on your personal preferences and common projects, but here are a few common items that you’ll need to store in your office.

Paperwork Organization

The digital age has yet to do away with paperwork. Manuals, code books, letters and other important paperwork is still part of the job for many engineers. Create a file folder system or a convenient place to put paperwork that still needs to be sorted and addressed.

Keep important paperwork safe with a locking filing cabinet. This adds an additional layer of safety to your home office, particularly if you have young children in your home.

To-Do List Space

Some engineers have highly organized digital calendars to keep their days productive. Others use a range of physical calendars, to-do lists and other items to help keep them on track. Whatever your organizational style, be sure you always know where you are in a particular project and what you need to do next. Keep track of important meetings, lists and dates in a visible place in your office.

Fieldwork Tool Storage

When it’s time to leave your home office and perform your engineering duties in the field, you need to quickly access your survey equipment or other fieldwork tools. Create a shelf, tool box, bag or other storage solution that gathers all your commonly used items into one place. Prepare to leave your office at a moment’s notice with the papers, measuring devices, safety equipment and other items you need to perform your role.

Charging Devices

There’s nothing worse than a dead phone or engineering tool. Keep all your equipment fully charged and ready for use with a range of charging devices. Power strips give you the outlets you need to connect all your items. Pick up a convenient charging station to avoid tangled cords from becoming a tripping hazard in your home office.

Basic Office Supplies

A computer, desk and chair are enough for some engineers, but others require more office equipment to perform their daily tasks. Review these basic office supplies and equipment to keep your projects moving forward. These items are very practical and help you avoid making trips to the office or print shop to deal with your professional duties.


Complex mathematical problems and dozens of simple calculations are all easier with a calculator. Shop for a calculator designed for your specific projects for added convenience in your home office. Here are some common calculator types to consider:

  • Machinist calculator
  • Real estate calculator
  • Electrical calculator
  • Financial calculator
  • Construction calculator

These specialized items can be easily stored in an office drawer and come with you when you need to head to the office or visit a jobsite.


Print out contracts and other important documents right in your home office. A printer is a common sight in most home offices already, so consider upgrading yours with the latest technology. An automatic paper folding machine or mail processor adds to your home office convenience and reduces your time spent on mundane activities.

Paper Shredder

Safely dispose of sensitive documents with a home office paper shredder. Throwing away contracts, checks, blueprints and other private materials can be a safety risk without a professional shredder. These items reduce your liability and give your customers peace of mind.

Prepare Your Home Office With Engineer Supply

At Engineer Supply, you’ll find all the expert survey equipment, affordable office supplies and convenient accessories you need. Create a comfortable, efficient office space in your home to take on your engineering projects in the comfort of your own space. Invest in a few reliable office supplies to make the most of your home office hours.

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