What Type of Nail Manicure Is Best For You?

Back in the day, getting a manicure meant one thing: getting your nails filed and painted. There was nothing more and nothing less.

Now, you walk into a nail salon, and you have all kinds of manicures to choose from! And because of the different types of manicures available, it can be overwhelming to know which one to pick.

That’s why we’ve created a brief guide on all the kinds of manicures available—to help you decide the best types of nail manicures.

Basic Manicure

Your basic, standard manicure is what the name implies—your typical, ordinary manicure. Your manicurist will start off by soaking your hands in soapy water to soften your dead skin cells. Then, they’ll file and buff, fix up your cuticles, hydrate your hands with cream and finish off with painting, coating your nails.

Basic manicures don’t take a long time to complete, and they don’t require an upkeep every two weeks or so, like other manicures. They also tend to be the cheaper manicure of all.

Gel Manicure

You no doubt have heard and seen what gel nails are. They’re the most popular manicures at the moment.

It’s sort of like a basic manicure, but instead of using regular nail polish and air drying techniques, they apply a hardening liquid polish that dries under a UV lamp, which makes it last three times longer than a basic manicure. However, it’s not easy to remove. You’ll have to go to the nail salon every 2-3 weeks to get it removed.

Acrylic Manicure

Acrylic manicures are also very popular. They go hand-in-hand with gel manicures, as they’re both similar yet, acrylic manicures consist of using a mixture of both gel and powder to create hard, strong tips over your natural nail.

Dip Powder Manicure

Dip powder manicures are relatively new, and they’re becoming more and more popular—almost as much as gel manicures. When it comes to getting a dip powder manicure, the nail color you choose comes in the form of a powder. Your manicurist will apply a liquid formula to your nails and then dip your nails into the powder.

SNS is the most popular type of nail you can get, as it’s proved to be better for your nails. Read on here to find out why SNS nails are the best.

French Manicure

French manicures have been around as long as we can remember, and they never seem to go out of style. If you’re not sure what a french manicure is, it’s the classic sheer pink and white tip nail look. You can get this type of design with whichever manicure listed above.

Types of Nail Manicures—Which One Is For You?

Now that you know about the types of nail manicures out there, it’s time to make your pick! If you have never gotten a manicure before, you can always start by getting a basic one and then experimenting with the others later on to see which you enjoy most!

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