Why Ben Shapiro’s Sister Keeps Getting Trolled On The Internet

Ben Shapiro’s sisterAbigail Shapiro, may not be a high-profile political lightning rod, but she is definitely cut from the same cloth as her brother. Find out more about her, and what she has in common with her conservative—and oftentimes controversial—sibling.

Who Is Abigail Shapiro?

Abigail Shapiro is the younger sister of Ben Shapiro. The Ben Shapiro Show. He’s also a co-founder of the right-wing website The Daily Wire. His ultra-conservative commentary is often polarizing and used as fodder for comedians and trolls in the Twitterverse. Among his more questionable beliefs are that any Jewish person who votes Democrat is a “Bad Jew,” and that coastal victims of climate change should “just sell their homes and move.”

Abigail takes a more “lady-like” approach to spread similar viewpoints as her big bro. Branding herself a #conservativeinfluencer, she uses the name Classically Abby to promote herself on social media. Shapiro uses the platforms to promote a cringeworthy blend of opera-singing skills and social commentary. Nonetheless, her YouTube channel—which boasts vids like “5 PRACTICAL Tips To Live A More CONSERVATIVE Life” and “LADIES, STOP HOOKING UP”—has 86,000 subscribers. For a more neutral taste of her content, check out her recent performance of an operatic aria by Handel:

Why Does Twitter Troll Abigail Shapiro So Often?

Due to Ben Shapiro’s unabashed opinions on social, political, and cultural issues, his family is often a target of backlash. Multiple relatives, including Abigail, have known to be the victim of harsh and hateful trolling.

That said, Abigail not only stands by her brother but echoes his worldview (albeit with a more tame delivery).

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