Sustain the Taxi Industry with A Feature-Rich Uber Clone App

In the past decade, technological advancements have changed the face of the transportation business. Undoubtedly, the entry of Uber has revolutionized the ride-hailing industry, which bridges the gap between the riders and drivers. This concept was new when it was out in the market. Later, many players like Ola, Lyft, and Grab entered the market.

The trend of taxi booking apps is expected to grow further as people wish to prefer it due to convenience and comfort. With its increasing popularity and demand, many taxi startups aspire to enhance their business by launching taxi dispatch software. One such perfect approach for this is to opt for the Uber Clone app that helps to easily transform the taxi business. Let’s discover how the Uber Clone app helps to boost your taxi business in this blog.

Overview of the taxi market

In 2020, the taxi market witnessed a downfall because of the Covid-19 global pandemic with lots of restrictions and lockdowns. Even though there is a negative impact on the growth of the taxi market, people started to prefer the taxi service with ease of relaxation. In 2020, the net worth of the taxi market was $159.6 billion. It is forecasted to reach $327.54 billion by 2026, with a compound annual growth rate of 8.95% in 2021-2026.

In comparison to the other modes of transportation, taxi service is experiencing huge popularity in Asia-Pacific. This is due to low taxi fares and surging traffic congestion. In 2020, Asia-Pacific seized 73.14% of the global taxi market.

As per the survey conducted, nearly 15 million trips were made each day and is expected to hit 100 million by 2030. There is no surprise that nearly 70% of passengers are considering taxi service a convenient mode of transport with quick commuting. The key players in the taxi market are investing a considerable percentage in technology for improving their business.

Scale-up your taxi business to a new height with Uber Clone app development

Entrepreneurs who wish to reach a new height are preferring the Uber Clone app for their taxi business. It is a ready-made taxi dispatch app solution that is a replica of the original version of Uber. If you are one who looks to expand a taxi business, then launching a mobile app is a perfect way. Let’s explore the benefits of a taxi booking application.

Benefits for passengers

In earlier days, the way of booking a taxi was difficult and it wasn’t easy for passengers to directly connect with the drivers. With the taxi apps, passengers book a taxi with a few taps and get the service at their doorstep. In case of inconvenience or queries, passengers can connect and interact with drivers via the app. Therefore, passengers do not have to wait on a road to hire a taxi/cab.  

In addition to this, passengers are given a wide range of taxi options when they book a taxi via the app. Apart from convenience, potential passengers get discounts, offers, and promo codes. Taxi apps provide different payment modes as passengers can choose their preferred one. The digital payment option allows them to make seamless transactions within a few minutes.

Benefits of drivers

It is a time-saving process for drivers as they get instant notifications once the passengers confirm a ride. As a result, they don’t want to look for passengers on the road.

Drivers have the option to show their availability status by enabling or disabling it in the app. Thus, they can schedule their work accordingly. If they disable the availability status, they won’t get the ride request from the passengers.

Benefits for app owners

It is quite easy for you to manage the entire business operations effectively on one platform. You can check the activity of the drivers who have registered with your app. By this, you can track their location in real-time. It is a good opportunity for you to create brand awareness and gain visibility with an Uber-like app.

Another main advantage is you can save both time and money. That is, developing a ready-made Uber Clone app is budget-friendly and does not require much time when compared to creating a taxi booking from scratch.

Workflow of the on-demand taxi app like Uber

The working process of a taxi booking app is simple and effective. So let’s have a streamlined workflow of the taxi app like Uber.

  • Passengers can install the taxi app from Google Play Store or App Store on a mobile phone.
  • Then, the app searches for nearby drivers and sends a ride request to an available driver. The concerned driver has the option to accept or decline the ride request.
  • Once the driver approves the ride request, the app sends a confirmation notification to the passenger. In case, the driver disapproves the ride request, it will be passed on to another driver who is available at that moment.
  • After that, passengers get the service at the doorstep. Upon reaching the destination, they can choose the payment option to make a transaction. After that, it is up to their wish to opt for cash payment or digital payment.
  • Finally, it is the passenger’s choice to rate a particular driver. Also, they can put ratings and reviews on the app.

Have a look at the general features to incorporate in the taxi app.

Passenger app features

  • Passengers can register with a taxi app in simple steps, either using their email address or phone number. Also, they can sign up for the app via social media accounts.
  • Passengers can book a ride with a few clicks/taps. However, they have to provide required details like location and vehicle type.
  • They can know the estimated arrival time and track the driver’s location in real-time as the app is integrated with the GPS tracking system.
  • In case of any clarification, they can contact a driver using the in-app chat/call feature.
  • They can make a payment using either of the available payment options in the app.
  • Passengers can give a rating to the concerned driver based on the driver’s behavior and ride journey.

Driver app features

  • Drivers have to register and create their profiles with the necessary information.
  • They can update the status of their availability for a ride request.
  • Once the passengers book a ride, an alert message will be sent to the driver and he has the option to accept/decline the request.
  • The app displays the optimized route, which is devoid of traffic to the drivers so that they can reach the pickup location and destination location on time.
  • Drivers can contact the customer support team in case of any clarifications.
  • The app generates earnings reports that contain details regarding completed trips and earnings. Drivers can view and download this report daily, weekly, or monthly.

Admin panel features

  • You are able to manage the registered drivers and riders. 
  • You can even manage the driver vehicles by deleting or adding the vehicle type in the app.
  • You can set the varying price based on the vehicle type and traveling distance. Besides this, you can offer a surge pricing strategy in which you can elevate the price on occasion days.
  • Also, charge the cancellation fees from the drivers/passengers when they cancel the ride.
  • You can view reviews that were given by the passengers and drivers on the taxi app.

Summing up

Undoubtedly, investing in the Uber Clone app development is a great choice for your taxi business as you can elevate sales and generate greater revenue. However, to fulfill your business dream into reality, you have to partner with the right technology partner for developing a taxi booking app that suits your requirements.

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