Become the leader in online education by kickstarting on-demand tutor app development

The global coronavirus pandemic affected the traditional education industry significantly. Students could no longer visit schools and colleges due to a spike in the number of cases. Hence, teachers had no choice but to teach lessons and subjects online. Hence, terms like “e-learning”, “on-demand education”, “online classes”, “online education”, and “remote learning” became very popular. It also equalized access to high-quality education as students can grasp concepts with just a few taps on their smartphones powered by the Internet.   

Some interesting statistics about the online tutoring industry are

  • The global digital tutoring market will surpass a humongous value of $1.63 billion by the end of 2021. It will grow at a high rate of 13.2% this year. 
  • Importantly, the online learning industry will cross $2.9 billion by 2025. The digital education industry would grow at an annual rate of 15% for the next 4 years. 
  • Asia-Pacific, Europe, and North America will be the top 3 regions with a high demand for e-learning services.  

What are the benefits for entrepreneurs from Uber for tutors app development? 

  • Owners of an Uber-like app for tutors can attract a huge student population by offering exciting cashback, discounts, offers, and promo codes.
  • Entrepreneurs can grab the attention of students with a variety of educational material. They can ask teachers to share academic lessons in the form of case studies, documents, e-books, PPTs, research papers, and videos. This boosts the involvement of students and will reduce the absentee rate.  
  •  Edupreneurs can become pioneers in offering cost-effective education. This is because online education costs less when compared to the huge capitation fees and travel costs for attending classes in colleges and schools.      

How does an Uber like app for tutor function? 

Students register on the Uber for Tutors app. They must enter details like their age, email address, location, name, and phone number. Further, teachers should create an account on the Uber like app for tutor. They have to submit details of their qualification, subject knowledge, and work experience. 

Later, the admin approves the profiles of both students and teachers after verifying their background and data. Professors will prepare a comprehensive lesson plan and a timetable. Students can attend the online classes on a specific date and time according to their convenience.   

Teachers will ensure individual attention to the performance of each student. They will use immersive educational techniques powered by Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Hence, both college and school-goers will benefit from a high level of conceptual clarity. 

Students can raise their hands and clarify their doubts through audio, text message, and video. Special coaching is also available in an Uber for Tutors app. 

Interested students can apply for e-learning programs to crack the top competitive entrance exams and government job tests. They will receive exam preparation guides and free textbook solutions. 

Teachers receive real-time payments for their educational services via credit cards, debit cards, net banking, and wire transfers. Finally, students can rate the quality of their online learning experience on a scale of 1 to 5. Moreover, they can publish comments and opinions about the professionalism of the teachers in the integrated feedback system. 

What are the fabulous features of an on-demand tutor app?

Student Section

Buy a Course option –  Students belonging to any class or educational board can purchase e-learning courses that suit their interests. They can buy either monthly or yearly educational plans. Students get a plethora of advantages such as flexible online class timings, a tailor-made curriculum, and the 24×7 availability of a personal mentor.  

Integration with numerous payment gateways – An Uber for Tutors app allows students to process transactions for courses and programs via multiple options. They can pay via Amazon Pay, Apple Pay,  bank transfers, Google Pay, Mastercard, PayPal, Paytm, PhonePe, Razorpay, RuPay, and Visa. 

Private chat option – Students can directly interact with their teachers through the real-time chat facility. They can ask queries about academic concepts. Further, they can enhance their understanding by sharing images and videos with the professors. 

Social media sign-up facility – An app development company assures hassle-free registration of new students on an Uber like app for tutor. They can start attending online classes after syncing their Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.   

Tutor Panel

Access to certifications and training programs – Teachers can upgrade their skill-set by undergoing certificate courses and special training classes. Later, they can list out their achievements after completing the assessments and upskilling sessions. Hence, this enables them to offer a higher teaching quality in a student-friendly manner. 

Document Management Software – Teachers will no longer miss out on their Excel sheets, PDFS, and PPTs. The Document management software serves as a one-stop platform to store all crucial educational information like grades, lesson plans, marks, and the number of students who passed/ failed. 

Income withdrawal option – Many private schools have not paid salaries to their teachers due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, educational experts registered on an Uber for Tutors app will receive their salaries on time. Further, they can withdraw their money anytime by linking their bank accounts or digital wallets. 

A Whiteboard – Teachers can permit students to take down formulas, notes, and other important points by utilizing a modern Whiteboard. It offers the big advantage of greater attention through real-time collaboration. Further, professors can conduct small Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ) tests and quizzes to improve student engagement.  

Admin Dashboard 

Availability of Earnings Reports – Owners of an Uber like app for tutor will know their total cash flow, profits, and revenue earned over a period (monthly and yearly). Therefore, they can plan efficiently to expand their online education business to new cities and states.   

Grievance Redressal tool – Entrepreneurs can instantly respond to complaints and issues faced by both students and teachers. An Uber for Tutors app has a modern Grievance Redressal tool to fix problems effortlessly. This ensures more accountability and transparency. 

Implementation of digital marketing campaigns – Edupreneurs can boost the popularity of their on-demand tutor app with ease. They can use various communication channels like email, online education forums, paid advertisements, and social media networks. This will boost their conversion rates in the long run. 

Process and Review Mechanism – An Uber for Tutors app will receive thousands of applications from prospective teachers every day. Entrepreneurs can finalize a list of guidelines and standards to choose the best subject instructors. Accordingly, teachers will have to attend tests and training programs to be eligible for conducting online classes. 

What are the advanced features of an Uber for Tutors App?

Scholarship programs – Deserving students belonging to economically disadvantaged sections of society can apply for scholarships. Besides that, lucrative offers for free education are available for competitive exams like CLAT, GMAT, GRE, JEE, NEET, and UPSC.  

Sharing of statistical graphs – Entrepreneurs will receive statistical charts and tables related to their daily business activities. They will know information like average revenue per student, daily and monthly active users, monthly and yearly expenditure, number of app downloads, overall student rating, and total hours of online classes conducted. 

Test conducting tool – Teachers can conduct both mock and real tests for students. They can choose a set of templates for uploading details of the diagrams, graphs, and questions. Further, multilingual support is available for the subject experts. Eventually, professors can evaluate the students appropriately. 

What are some innovative tips to grow an Uber like app for tutor?

  • Introduce a referral program – Owners of an on-demand tutor app can boost their number of student registrations by implementing a referral program. Existing college and school-goers can recommend the benefits of an Uber for Tutors app with their friends and family members. Entrepreneurs can motivate them to make more referrals by giving them a commission, discounts, and prizes.  
  • Partner with popular schools and universities – Educational institutions will struggle to suddenly adopt e-learning methods. Hence, clever entrepreneurs can strike success by offering their Uber-like app for Tutor to government-run universities and private colleges. Hence, students will get the advantages of uninterrupted learning right from their homes.
  • Share testimonials of successful students – Edupreneurs can grab the trust of parents by publishing testimonials of well-performing students. This will motivate fathers and mothers to enroll their children on an Uber-like app for tutors. Generally, the testimonials contain content about accomplished students who cleared competitive exams and government tests after undergoing coaching from an on-demand tutor app. 

What are the various sources of revenue from on-demand tutor app development?

Entrepreneurs will pocket booking fees for each online class paid by students, a commission from teachers for every e-learning session, monthly and yearly subscription plans, publishing of strategic advertisements, registration fees from new subject instructors, and transaction processing fees. 

Hence, the costs are low while the returns on investment (ROI) are high for edupreneurs who operate an Uber-like app for the tutor. 

Wrapping Up

With medical experts predicting a third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, colleges and schools will remain shut for a longer period. Hence, this is the right time for entrepreneurs to establish a state-of-the-art Uber for Tutors app. They can disrupt the booming e-learning industry successfully. Contact a dedicated app development company to get an Uber-like app for tutors now. Ultimately, edupreneurs will dominate the thriving online learning sector. 

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