Make your Toddler Learn Basic Manners the Play Way

You may want your little one to behave in a certain manner but may not be able to do so. It is never too early to teach your kids basic manners and their importance.

You can educate them about basic social behavior and how it will help them grow as individuals. Once you start teaching your kids about good manners, you will be surprised to observe that children understand them very well.

They may not always put this into practice but understand them well

Basic manners are very important, and your child learns from you in the beginning. Many people, who have financial issues or are responsible for making repayments of loans without a guarantor from a direct lender, do not behave properly and shot in front of their children.

This sets a bad example and confuses the child about basic manners. You lead by example; hence it is important to keep calm in every situation to teach your child about methods.

Basic manners for children to learn

For some time, your toddler must have heard and learned about basic behavior and what not to do.

For example, if you wish to teach your toddler the concept of sharing, you probably have to wait until 3. Your toddler may not understand other polite behaviors and actions till they reach 4 or 5.

Ways to teach basic manners to your toddler

Initiate with basics

Start teaching your toddlers the basics of good manners, i.e., saying “thank you, “sorry,” and “please.” You can start with these lessons as soon as your toddler completes their one year.

It may take some time before they start using these words and understand the meaning of these words, but you have to start at an early age.

But once they start speaking and using these words, they will get into the habit of using these words in the correct situations. You can be creative while educating about these basics.

For example, make them by singing rhyme, what’s the magic word, and other such rhymes.

Do not be harsh and insistent. Your toddler needs to learn politeness too, and you will serve as the best example for them. Make sure to praise your toddler whenever they remember to use these words.

Be a good role model

This may sound like an obvious tip, but if you want your toddler to learn manners and be polite, you have to be the perfect role model for them. Preach what you practice and let your toddler learn from your behavior.

Set a good example in front of your toddler, and they automatically will pick up the right behavior.

Toddlers and little children always want to become like you, i.e., their parents. You have to be polite every time and use basic words so that your child understands the situation and says it whether required.

If toddlers listen to such words daily, they are likely to learn a little faster than other toddlers.

Make them sit at the table

If your 2-year-old can sit still for more than 5 minutes, it’s an achievement for them. Do not expect them to sit still for half n hour. Even 5 minutes is an achievement as toddlers are not meant to sit still.

They should be playing their way. But slowly ask them to sit at the table while eating food. You have to sit next to them and eat with them. DO not expect them to sit alone and be still.

Always show them how to eat and how to handle the cutlery. Whenever they do even a bit, just praise them for motivating them and keep continuing it. If they do it, it is very good, but if they do not do it, do not force them to do as they may be resistant from the next time.

Be reasonable with your approach; do not expect them to sit for 20 minutes for the very first time.

Start with hellos and goodbyes

Along with other basic words, encourage your toddlers to use the word help whenever they meet somebody and goodbye whenever they see off somebody.

You have to focus on your hellos and goodbyes if you want your toddler to learn. You may be mesmerized by the way your toddler says hello or goodbye. Since they are not able to say the full word, they may say it differently.

Encourage polite play dates

Do not expect your toddler to behave in a civilized way on their playdates. A toddler is the most excited about their playdate and enjoys themselves.

Buy slowly, and you can encourage polite play dates. Also, you can teach them another thing gradually. You can make them learn to be polite and patient by giving them two toys at a time and keeping the rest aside.

Tell them that they can take them whenever they want but be patient when other kids are around.

Introduce the concept of sharing to your toddler and encourage them to share their toys on every playdate with other kids. 


You have to be very patient with your toddler. Make sure to get your facts clear, i.e., your toddler will take time to learn everything. Be patient and creative.

Do not over-push your child, and keep encouraging them every time. The right approach is to lead by example and stick to that for good results.

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