How to Find Top-Rated PPC Management Services

PPC or pay-per-click is a wonderful tool in the marketing arsenal of both small and large businesses. If done right, there could be no other better way than PPC for marketing the business and get immediate results. However, it isn’t that easy! In the competitive PPC arena, where businesses are fighting to grab more eyeballs, paid advertising has become a difficult topic to master. Investing in top-rated PPC management services seems like a mandatory thing for brands.

With so many PPC management agencies out there, it is a bit tricky to know which one is the best for you. To make the task easy for you, here we’ll tell you a few important things to keep in mind to find the best PPC management service for your Ad campaign.

Check Their Level of Expertise and Popularity

When you are searching for top-rated PPC management services, check how much experience they have in the industry. Have a look at their website, check out the testimonials, and read their ‘About Us’ section to know what services they offer.

The best PPC management agencies also have a blog on their website where they show their knowledge through how-to guides or the latest trends. This shows how authoritative they are to get to the top of the SERPs.

Another way to evaluate their expertise is via test cases. Just consider the results, how they set up the account, and how they managed things. Find out how well the agency optimized the Ad Spend.

Do They Have to Google Ads Certification?

If they are showing confidence through self-assertion, that’s good! However, if they are certified by an industry giant, it would be like icing on the cake. Since Google’s algorithms change every year, PPC agencies also need to update their certifications.

While certification is a great criterion to separate the good agencies, not having any certifications doesn’t make an agency bad. The reason is, PPC experts have to take exams that may cost a lot of money. Remember, individuals, get certified, and not an agency.

However, agencies get badges when a member earns a Google Ads certification. So, you should lookout for the best PPC management software certifications with badges on their website page.

Consider Their Services and Pricing

After you have checked their expertise, you want to know what services they offer. Head on to their services section and check if they meet your needs. Generally, the PPC services include-

  • PPC monitoring
  • Competition analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Ad campaign optimization, etc.

Some additional services may include Ad scheduling, PPC account manager, Ad testing, periodic meetings, and more. Stick to your core requirements, search for the best PPC services, and compare their pricing. If the services lie within your proposed PPC budget, reach out to them.

Know More About Their Credibility

Your search for top-rated PPC management doesn’t end with pricing or reviews. You also need to know how professional they are or how well they coordinate with the clients. A good PPC agency will thrive to maintain trustworthiness with its clients. Explore their social media profiles to check their credibility. Find out whether they have got any recommendations.

Do They Have Access To The Latest Technologies?

The PPC management service you are choosing should have access to the latest tools and technologies. Whether it is Ad campaign management or code optimization, they must use the best tools to implement the Ad strategy. Also, they should have access to the best analytical tools to track the campaign’s progress and do advanced research. Once you have picked a few PPC services, have a word with them to determine what tools they use and what they could offer.

Do They Value Local Search

Today, most smartphone users look at their phones to find businesses/brands in their proximity. They search with phrases like ‘near me’ to find the best restaurant, shopping place, entertainment or anything. With that said, most of those searches result in the in-store visit meaning high leads for the businesses. This also means local search is what your business can’t afford to lose; therefore, the company you choose should have a good knowledge of it. So, before having them, make sure you ask:

How they approach local searches ( both paid and organic)

Do they have any local PPC results for previous clients?

How local search works?

Do they also use bid modifiers to identify location-related queries?

Transparency should be there

If you are hiring someone to provide them your tasks, you deserve complete transparency. You should know all costs, performance metrics, and everything they do to their services. You can do this by having complete administrative ownership of your account. This way, you can keep your eyes on everything from the landing page to the costs, advertisements, and your PPC campaign performance.

They Do More Than Just Drive Clicks

If the agency claims that its main metric is to focus on clicks, perhaps you are dealing with the wrong one. The agency should also focus on converting clicks and making them to clients. A reputed agency should also talk about the ROI and profitability of the business. They should also focus on getting the right traffic with the right message and converting it at the highest rate through the landing page and more.


In conclusion, we would say that you should be selective in whatever you invest in. It is important to choose a reliable PPC service for fulfilling your specific business needs. If you have just started with paid advertising, invest smartly in the PPC management service, keeping your monthly goals in mind. If you are a big brand, track your campaign’s performance and invest accordingly. 

Now you know everything about finding a good PPC management service, it’s time to start your search. With the right approach to choosing a PPC service, only the sky is the limit to what your business can achieve.

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