A Guide to Pocket Placement in Presentation Folders

Presentation folders are a great tool to arrange printed material in an orderly fashion. They are a great help for businesses to market their products and services. Apart from business owners, these are used by job seekers and entrepreneurs for sharing their ideas and information with people who might be interested in what they have to offer.

Apart from the name presentation folders, these are also known as ‘pocket folders’. The traditional presentation folder printing offered one pocket inside it for keeping the documents. All the printed material would be kept inside that single pocket, which has a standard size of 9 X 12 inches.

You can easily get a similar folder with minimal design or character on online marketplaces, in bulk quantities as well. But if you want them to represent your business or service, you need to customize it to your requirements. Personalized presentation folders are the optimal choice that lifeless folder templates that you find online.

The use of folders and the budget are the two parameters for choosing a minimalist or personalized folder. If you are looking for a means to store files at the office, there is no need to spend on designing and expensive folder printing. But if you want to interact with your target audience, the use of a personalized presentation folder is a must.

Pocket Folders

As you saw earlier, standard folders come with two pockets. These can be used to hold brochures, letters, reports, and other promotional documents. Once you have decided to get a new folder for your business or marketing, there are four things you need to look into. They are listed below.

Folder Size

Folder sizes are decided based on the paper size of the documents they carry. So they come in two different sizes, A4 and A5. A4 folders are commonly used by many businesses. They have a lot of room to work with and also have many options for customization. Even though A5 folders are smaller, they have the advantage over the latter in terms of mobility.

Types of Pockets

Apart from the number of pockets, there are other variations based on how the pocket is fixed to the folder. Pockets also vary in terms of height.

Based on how the tab area of pockets is fixed to the folder, there are two types- glued and interlocking pockets. These can be used both in A4 and A5 folders.

Glued pockets, as the name suggests, are the pockets where the tab area is fixed to the folder with glue. These are theoretically more secure than the other model as it prevents the contents from falling off. But it comes with its disadvantages as well. If you are planning to store the folders for later use, that’s when glued pockets may give you a headache. With time, the glue wears off and the bond loosens between the tab and the folder.

The other option is the interlocking folder pockets. This is more suited for storing the folders for a long time. These come unassembled from the folder printing unit so that whenever you need to use it, they can be easily put together. But even though it makes up for durability, it has a small problem as the safety of the contents cannot be guaranteed.

Also, the height of the pockets matters too. For standard folders, the pocket size is considerably smaller. But the pocket can go up to 6 inches tall. You can also experiment with multi-panel folders. For example, three-panel folders can have a central single pocket that can either be glued or unglued.


Personalized presentation folders are made with extreme care and duration. So if they are easily damaged then you are losing both time and money. Here are a few things to keep in mind to avoid that.

Strong Folder Stock

For being successful in presentation folder printing, quality is crucial. It starts with choosing the folder stock that is strong enough to hold on by itself, even with contents inside it. Flimsy folders will bend due to the sheer weight of the materials inside. This happens more in the cases where the folder holds digital media like CDs and DVDs. So do not cheap out by getting a weak folder stock.

Reinforced Edges

Most first-time folder printers do not give attention to this at first. But when the edges start dog-earing after a day or two during its usage, you will understand how serious it can be. If this happens when you are in a meeting or while talking to a customer, it would give out the wrong impressions. To reinforce the edges to prevent it from small tears or from bending in. Dog-earing can also be avoided if you decide to use rounded edges.

Wrapping up

Now you have learned about the basics of pocket placement and various pockets. The design and quality of the pockets are as important as the folder covers. Before going for bulk orders, you can ask the folder printing service for samples to come to a conclusion as to which option will be suitable for you.


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