A Fascinating History of Poppers

1.The History of Poppers

Poppers is a slang term for a type of inhalable chemical named alkyl nitrates. It was first discovered and synthesized in the middle of the 19th century. Who did it first is still in dispute, some claiming it was a Frech chemist while others give the discovery to the Scotsman Brunton. It took over 100 years for the drug to really spike in popularity. Their popularity started in the 60s, dominated the 70s disco scene, and rave cultures in the 90s, and all thanks to a drug that gay men used to have a bit more fun in the bedroom, or couch, car, kitchen table, etc. And all that with a chemical that was supposed to be heart medicine. But in a way, we can safely say that for a lot of men, it cured and mended hearts, but not in a strictly medical term.

2. Overview of What They Are

The chemicals are manufactured in a pearl-like structure that can be easily crushed between one’s fingers. When you crush them, they emit a popping sound, which leads to the slang term which is still their calling card today, “Poppers”

3. How They are Used & Where they can be found

Individuals that want to use these, will look online and are readily available from the poppers shop. Once you crush them between your fingers, or something else, are inhaled. You can also use special bottles and inhalers.

4. The Effects of Poppers

The most important effect they have, and the biggest reason why they are as popular as they are in their ability to simply relax all your muscles. That includes most important of all, the sphincter muscles of the anus. But don’t worry ladies, it can also have a similar effect on your vaginal muscles. Another effect is that poppers create an incredible, mind-bending, intense rush that lasts for a few minutes. This happens because when you inhale poppers, your blood pressure suddenly drops, your body starts to produce more heat. Your heart will start beating stronger as well. All of these lead you to experience a state of euphoria.

5. The Side Effects of Poppers

But with everything that leads to many pleasurable experiences, there are some potential hiccups or side effects. The most common ones connected to the use of poppers include :
  1. Intense skin irritation
  2. Headaches that range from mild to long and intense, such as migraines
  3. They can lead to disorientation and dizziness
  4. They can cause severe tachycardia
  5. If they are taken with something like Viagra or other drugs that widen your blood vessels, it can create a huge downwards spike in blood pressure which could lead to fainting and in some cases even to stroke.
  6. In some cases, poppers also lead to addiction

6.Who Uses Them

The principal users are gay man, looking to ease anal intercourse. But the drug also helps give you some of the most amazing orgasms. It is also used by people at discos or rave parties. Some have witnessed that taking drugs helps them focus more on the music and dance like never before.Poppers, while they do come with dangers of their own, are one of those rare drugs that can really increase the enjoyment of something that is already so sexy and intense as sex. Too much of anything good leads to bad things, but when used sparingly, on special occasions, it can produce jawdropping, mind-blowing experiences, best reserved for that special someone in our life.


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