Top 3 Reasons to Try a Boo’s Philly Cheeesteak

So does the mere mention of Philly cheesesteak make your mouth drool with anticipation? Are you tasting that cheese-smothered tender beef right now? And don’t forget the grilled onions savoring inside your mouth with every delicious bite.

Of course, you know when you get a craving for Philly cheesesteak, only authentic will do. But what if you never tried Philly cheesesteak before? How do you know where to get the best?

Well, you’re in luck because of Boos Philly Cheesesteak in Silverlake.

Want to know why?

Keep reading for three great reasons why Boos Philly has the best cheesesteak around town.  

A Little Boos’ Philly Cheesesteak History

The founders of Boos Philly come by their product honestly with history. The Korean founders first settled in Camden, New Jersey, in the 1960s. Then, they learned to make Philly Cheesesteak in a traditional cheesesteak deli.

The family then moved to California and brought the tradition of Philly cheesesteak with them. Their business began in Koreatown, and now there is Boos Philly Cheesesteak Silverlake. The founding parents passed down the authentic Philly cheesesteak recipe you can enjoy today.

The core of the business begins with authentic Philly cheesesteak. Every ingredient has to meet standards for people to call the product legitimate. So every Boos Philly cheesesteak comes filled with tradition.

1. Begin With the Bread

There are lots of places that claim to make the best Philly cheesesteaks in LA. Some will serve you a cheesesteak on a sausage roll. But at Boos Philly, the bun is the original.

The Amoroso family came to America at the beginning of the 20th century. Their Philadelphia shop from 1914 has been producing fresh-baked bread ever since. The Amoroso, 10-inch roll, is what made Philly cheesesteak famous.

The bun has to stand up to the elements inside the bun. So when the cheese melts, the Amoroso roll keeps it together every time.

The baking company makes their unique fresh rolls from a hearth oven. What makes them unique is the light, crunchy outside with a soft middle. It’s the perfect hoagie roll for holding a Boos Philly sandwich.

2. Tradition, Tradition

To make the perfect Philly cheesesteak, you have to begin with the meat. First, the steak gets sliced and cooked to standards with exact measures. Cut to half an inch thickness, and the meat is thick enough to stay tender yet thin enough for the best Philly cheesesteak experience.

Of course, no Philly cheesesteak is complete without grilled onions. You can add mushrooms and crisp grilled peppers if you like as well.

Then there’s the famous Whiz. Traditional Philly cheesesteak cheese gets spread under the meat. Putting that gooey cheese on the bottom is what holds the whole thing together.

3. Boos Philly Cheesesteak Extras

Don’t tell a Philadelphian this, but Boos Philly cheesesteak can have that California touch added on, too. So go ahead and add cherry tomatoes or condiments of your choice.

And if you prefer, you can get your Philly cheesesteak with raw onions instead. After all, it’s your sandwich, yet Boos Philly always starts with the original recipe.

Purists will tell you that there’s only one cheese for a traditional Philly cheesesteak. However, boo’s Philly offers a choice from white cheddar, provolone, or American.

Order food online to pick up hot and ready. Or get Boos Philly cheesesteak delivered to your door.

You don’t have to stop at the steak for a great sandwich, either. Boos Philly puts their traditional spin on chicken and hoagies too.

Why Settle For Less?

When you are hungry for a classic taste, anything less than the original pales by comparison. Unfortunately, authentic Philly cheesesteak is hard to find outside of Philadelphia. Lucky for you, Boos Philly Cheesesteak brought the original to you.

The secret sauce is in the care for every meal. And Boos Philly brings the authentic cheesesteak to a new level. And if this article gave you food for thought, check out some more great insights.

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