SEO Backlink Strategy Guide for Escape Room Website 2022

We all are well aware of the significance of backlinks for pleasing and getting the approval of the Google algorithm to gain a better rank on the search page. It not only improves the search engine ranking of your website but also helps drive large traffics towards your pages and broadens the visibility of your website. Many companies and bloggers spend a good chunk of their time getting white hat backlinks that are authentic and authoritative. 

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But it isn’t always easy to get the desired backlinks in an easy and cost-efficient manner. Companies like breakout escape rooms require lots of effort to get backlinks from other trustworthy and top websites and leaders due to their theme concept and genre. But with our strategy guide given below, you can easily create authoritative and dedicated backlinks for your escape room business. So, let us look at these backlink creation tips and SEO guide for escape room websites in 2022: 

1. Begin with local SEO. 

Since escape rooms are localized and distributed throughout the cities and states, the best way to start your backlink business is by using local SEO. By mentioning or citing the local and small-scale enterprises, you can perform well and get more approval from Google’s search algorithm. It lets you display the address of your company, zip code, mobile number, URL, and other vital details as local citation on another company’s web page. 

And it creates a long-lasting impression on the customers because knowing about anything that has a physical location and can be accessed easily makes it easy for more people to visit your company. It also assures Google that your enterprise is authentic and based on correct locations.   

2. Invest more in content-driven posts. 

Yes, it sure is advantageous for your company to create backlinks that help improve the overall ranking and visibility of the website through more user clicks and traffic views. But, it is equally necessary for you to build your landing pages and content in a user-friendly, SEO optimized, and strategic way to make the clients stay to scroll through your content for a longer duration.

If you have included proper backlinks in your articles, but once they redirect the reader to your landing page and it’s lackluster, it will dissatisfy the customers and make them quit and go back from your website. And this causes more bounces on your web pages and reduces your ranking as it pushes your title down the algorithm. Therefore, before planning SEO backlinks for your escape rooms, invest more in content-driven posts that will successfully retain the customer’s attention.   

3. Do guest posts. 

Guest posts are the best ways to get backlinks for escape room websites in 2022. And the soundest part about guest posts is their mutually beneficial aspects to both sides of the party. On the one hand, the website host for which you are writing the guest post gets an article for free, while on the other hand, you can gain more extra page visits and clicks on the titles, content, and posts of your website. 

Just remember always to contact the executives of the high-authority web domains who are in your website’s calling and write guest posts for them. And add a relevant link either in the content body or the bio at the end of your article that will direct the reader to an informative and well-acclaimed article on your website. If the domain is highly authoritative, you will get more clicks and heavy traffic to your pages.  

4. Get rid of broken links. 

Once you delete a page on your website, its inbound link shows the error 404 to its user when clicked on. And not just the deletions, various other reasons cause broken and malfunctioning links. They disrupt the user services and lower your SEO ranking on the web and browser search result page. A great way to fix this situation is by getting rid of the broken links. There are plenty of broken link detectors that can find the faulty links on your website and also help you identify the broken ones. 

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Once you have a list of them, replace them with relevant and trending article links on your website to maintain the quality of the service delivered to the consumers in your business. In any business, especially the escape rooms, it is necessary that you regularly check your backlinks and update them depending on the marketing strategy of the company, as it aids in helping the clients have a good time while utilizing the services of your business. 

Also, before you start, here are some points that you should avoid doing while creating SEO backlinks for escape rooms: 

  • Don’t clutter your blog or article with too many promotional links. It ruins the informative purpose of your work and puts off the customers. 
  • Avoid attaching backlinks of bloggers that are absolutely out of your escape room’s content theme. 
  • Stick to the word count, and do not add irrelevant pieces of stuff in your post. Your audience is here to know about escape rooms, so beating around the bush to talk about some of the best escape game puzzles isn’t a good idea. 
  • Don’t overly negotiate with the backlink providers and bloggers. Asking for a small discount is okay, but nagging them for more bargains won’t get you anywhere with the escape room’s backlink creation. 
  • Always try to create original content. SEO cuts down the posts that are unoriginal and have hints of plagiarism. 


Backlinks are vital for boosting the business and commercial marketing for escape rooms. You will need a little more than just web page designs, user-friendly content, and online marketing strategies to reach the top in the industry. And that is where backlinks come into action. If you focus on improving the authority value and rank of your website by using genuine and resourceful backlinks, you will be able to take the success of your escape room business to a new height. 


Your website will slowly gain a better ranking, get good consumer reviews, and face an increment in the ROI. And someday, you will reach that spot where you see the influential leaders of this field working above you. 

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