Duonao : iFun TV and CCTV International


The Chinese-language media platform iFun TV, formerly known as Duonao, allows overseas Chinese to watch Chinese TV shows and movies. The service also offers Chinese language news channels, which are broadcasted live and for free in China. For example, you can watch a Chinese movie for free without a VPN. Another popular Chinese media platform is CCTV International, an English-language 24-hour news channel launched by the China Central Television on September 25, 2000. It reports on the latest global news and information, with a special focus on China.

Duonao, Now Branded IFVOD

The film industry is a vital part of UK culture, so piracy is a lucrative business. In the UK, film piracy is a serious problem. The biggest victims are Chinese students. Duonao, now branded IFVOD, allows overseas Chinese to watch Chinese TV shows and Western films, without any problems. However, if the UK film distributor tries to release a movie in China at the same time, they will lose a large proportion of their audience.

Duonao Among Overseas Chinese

The biggest concern for UK filmmakers is film piracy. Despite the popularity of Duonao among overseas Chinese, there are many risks associated with this practice. For one, the films can be pirated even though they were made in the UK. Despite these risks, the UK film industry must be cautious about releasing its films on the site. Although subtitles can save the viewer from learning Chinese, the English language version of a movie can be a bit confusing.

Numerous Dangers of Film Piracy

Despite the numerous dangers of film piracy, it is a vital industry that supports many overseas Chinese. In fact, if the UK film industry releases a Chinese film at the same time as it does in China, it will fail to capture a large segment of their potential audience. And the risk of losing a large proportion of its audience is too high. And as a result, the UK film industry is battling the growing menace of film piracy.

Duonao Professional Audience

iFun TV is a Chinese media platform that targets overseas Chinese. It allows you to watch Chinese movies and TV shows in your country. The website is a useful tool for those who don’t speak the language well. There are some disadvantages, however, including the lack of a professional review service and the lack of a professional audience. You’ll need to be an expert to judge the quality of a movie.

Uploaded to Duonao are Western Films

Most of the films that have been uploaded to Duonao are western films that are filmed in China. However, the UK distributors cannot match the Chinese release date, so the UK film industry loses a large percentage of its target audience. Therefore, they postpone their releases by one week. They have a higher chance of being downloaded. The content of the websites is not censored, which means it can be pirated at any time.

Compete With Chinese-Language Content

While the UK film industry may be able to compete with Chinese-language content, they still don’t have access to the same audience. The majority of Chinese students are already familiar with Duonao and its features. Moreover, it has English subtitles, which make the video content more accessible for viewers from the UK. It’s not difficult to find a movie on Duonao. And the subtitles help you to read and understand the subtitles.

Duonao Released in the UK

Many of the Chinese-language films uploaded on Duonao has not released in the UK. In the UK, the film industry can’t match the Chinese release date, because Chinese students are more likely to access Duonao than the UK. The UK film industry would lose a big chunk of its audience, which is why they have subtitles in the UK. In addition to watching their favorite films, they can also watch Western movies, which they usually aren’t allowed to download in their country.

Watch Chinese Films on Duonao

There are several ways to watch a movie online. Depending on your location, you can watch Chinese films on Duonao. Some films are available in both English and Chinese subtitles. This option is particularly popular with Chinese students. Because the English subtitles has often poorly translated, it’s important to be able to follow the subtitles on Duonao. Otherwise, subtitles will be useless. It’s important to remember that the Chinese language has its own unique grammar and vocabulary.

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