Amra Nor Jenkins: How To Become A Superstar

Amra Nor Jenkins is the only name that you need to know to succeed in the music industry. She has been writing songs since she was 11 years old. Amra has been featured on some major hit songs such as “Gone Too Far” by Jennifer Lopez, “Paparazzi” by Britney Spears, and “Gotta

Amra Nor Jenkins is an American R&B artist who made her debut with the single “Trouble”, which featured on the soundtrack of the movie, The Book of Eli. She was also the recipient of the BMI Pop Award for “Trouble”. She has since released two other singles, “Love Is On My Side�

This post was inspired by my sister, Amra Nor Jenkins (no, it’s not a play on words). My sister is a talented singer/songwriter who is currently trying to make a name for herself in the music industry. She wrote this song after listening to the new song by Avicii (“Wake Me Up”). Here are some tips she has learned along

Who Amra Nor Jenkins Is

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Who Amra Nor Jenkins is a professional designer and web developer with an eye for detail.

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2. Her Early Life

Her early life was not easy. She was born with the physical deformity of being born with two arms.

From the time she was born, we knew she would be a fashionista. At 5 years old, She could already sew and sew. In fact, She had her first fashion show at age 9. She has always loved sewing, fashion, and all things creative.

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3. Her First Job

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4. How to become a superstar in life

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