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Welcome to the official Tech Geek podcast! Each week we talk with tech geeks, programmers, designers, and entrepreneurs about their latest gadgets and projects. Our hosts are me, Nelson Torres, and Ryan Giggs. The Tech Geek Show is a podcast about technology, gadgets, gaming, and geek culture.

Our weekly Tech Geek show is a podcast where we interview top web developers, geeks, artists, writers and bloggers from the internet.

The Tech Geek Show is an interview show with the people behind technology and entrepreneurship.If you have any questions about the internet, or just want to chat about something, feel free to reach out!

Nelson Torres: Biography

Nelson Torres, the founder and chief designer behind Sayl, was born in the Philippines in 1982. He earned a degree in Industrial Design from the University of the Philippines.

Nelson Torres is the author of the award-winning book, The SEO Book, and the founder of the Search Engine Roundtable and SEOMoz, two SEO firms based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

2. Nelson Torres: Education

Nelson Torres is the founder and owner of Nelson Torres  He started Nelson Torres Design in 2004, after working in the product design field for many years. His work includes furniture, lighting, and retail products. His focus has been

Nelson Torres is the creator of Sayl chair.  He loves creating innovative products to help people be more productive.

Blog about Design:


We offer a wide selection of beautiful woodcrafts and fine home decor items. We are a small business owned by three women.

Blog about Web

Our education blog is all about how to become a successful webmaster in the modern world. Topics range from site architecture to social media marketing.

The main purpose of this blog is to share educational materials related to graphic design, web development, and other topics.

3. Nelson Torres: Career

Nelson Torres is the owner of the successful digital marketing agency called Inbound Marketing Associates. He has created an online marketing plan that has helped businesses all over the world get leads, traffic, and sales.

In 2005, Nelson became a paid search consultant at Google.

Nelson Torres is a young entrepreneur who has successfully started a few companies in his short life. He is passionate about helping people improve their lives, and he loves traveling. His career goal is to make the world a better place and he uses his expertise in business and technology to create new ways to do it.

He has a degree in product design from Parsons School of Design in New York City.

4. Nelson Torres: Family

We are a family with big dreams, and we hope you enjoy reading about them here.

Our guest author, Nelson Torres, is the founder of the award-winning digital agency, The 4th Floor. He has an extensive history in online marketing, with over a decade of experience working at companies like DoubleClick, Time Warner, AOL, and most recently as an Online Marketing Manager at AT&T.

Nelson Torres was born in the Philippines and is now living in Mexico with his wife and two children. He started to study Architecture at UCA in 2008 and graduated from University of California, Berkeley in 2010.

On this blog, you will be able to read about his latest products and other things related to him.

Family: Nelson Torres: Family was born in 2007 as a social network where people share their families, friends, work, hobbies and interests. The service allows users to create their own profile with a photograph, a short biography and a list of their contacts.

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