Why Companies Should Implement SOAR?

Soar gives businesses some advantages, including faster incident detection, automated response strategies, and reduced manual reporting. It also enables businesses to scale their security operations without hiring additional employees. SOAR utilizes AI-powered systems to automate routine tasks.

Reduces MTTD and MTTR

In terms of security, MTTD measures the time a company’s security team takes to detect and respond to a cyber threat. The longer the time between detection and response, the greater the risk of a damaging data breach. As a result, MTTD is a critical measure for businesses looking to improve their overall security posture. While runbooks won’t address every problem or scenario, they can save your team a lot of time dealing with recurring issues. Runbooks also allow you to focus your team’s attention on problem-specific aspects. In addition to using runbooks to identify problem areas, you can also use a postmortem (also known as an incident retrospective) to identify the root cause of incidents. This involves identifying the triggering event, determining the likely causes, and implementing a prevention strategy.

Automates Routine Tasks

SOAR is a software platform that automates routine tasks for cybersecurity teams. Cybersecurity teams can respond to threats and incidents more quickly and efficiently using the technology. They will have detailed information about an attack and will be able to focus their efforts on determining the root cause, reducing the risk of a breach. SOAR tools from the best SOAR platforms can also investigate low-level security alerts, allowing human experts to focus on more complex tasks. SOAR solutions aggregate security data from disparate tools and automate repetitive tasks using playbooks. These playbooks are detailed checklists that automate common security processes, such as logging events, responding to false positives, and notifying the appropriate parties. These automated tasks reduce the admin burden on security teams and save valuable time for more complex threats and security incidents.

Reduces Manual Reporting

Automating reports is an excellent way to reduce the time spent preparing and compiling reports. By automating reports, a company can concentrate its time on data analysis and decision-making rather than manual processes. This also minimizes the risk of human error – such as missing values or formulas. Automated reporting systems also help ensure that the information in reports is relevant and accurate. In addition, reducing manual efforts frees up resources for more critical tasks. For example, employees can spend more time on creative tasks, like executing innovative promotional campaigns. Streamlining processes can also lead to higher employee satisfaction. Employees quickly move on to better opportunities, so keeping them happy is crucial to their future retention. In a recent study, six in ten workers in the U.S. had switched their values, meaning their satisfaction with their work will increase if manual processes are automated.

Reduces Costs

Automating security operations with SOAR tools is a great way to increase employee productivity and reduce costs. Many routine tasks can be automated, allowing employees to handle higher-level activities. This automation also reduces false positives. These benefits result in higher employee productivity, reduced costs, and increased returns on investment.

SOAR security solutions can reduce the time it takes security analysts to respond to an incident. SOAR can automate the quarantine of infected devices, reducing the time and stress put on the SOC team. This also helps reduce the volume of alerts, which can overwhelm security analysts. SOAR security tools can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud. These tools can help companies respond to incidents more quickly and strengthen their cybersecurity programs. They require upfront investments and recurring expenses but can generate significant cost savings in several areas. While some costs cannot be precisely quantified, such as analyst satisfaction or the cost of a data breach, ROI can help companies calculate the costs and benefits of implementing a security tool.

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