How Can Schools Save Money with Modular Buildings?

Schools have been struggling with their annual budgets for years. It’s been even more difficult recently because of the country’s increasing prices and a sharp rise in energy bills. To help schools do their finances better, here are some tips on saving money with modular buildings. Less space means less furniture and fewer materials needed.

Modular school buildings are highly versatile.

You don’t have to worry about providing enough space for your pupils or students; we have a modular building that will be ideal for your needs and meet all the requirements. Modular buildings come with many customizable features, from footprint and layout adjustments to configurable interior fittings. As a result, they provide the versatility to be used for any type of educational, training or laboratory need; and catering, storage or home furnishings.

If you’re short on space and need to add a new building to your site, get in touch, and we’ll talk you through the possibilities. We can guarantee we’ll have the perfect type of modular building that will fulfill your requirements, plus there might be a few things about them that you didn’t know. Speaking of which….

Modular classrooms are very affordable.

Unlike traditional construction, modular buildings come with multiple benefits. First, they’re shipped to your site and set up on-site, saving you the costs of having them constructed off-site and delivered. Not only are modular buildings more affordable, but these factors also significantly reduce disruption on your site, allowing your staff and students to go about their day without delays and obstacles.

Achieve energy efficiency with modular classrooms

Modular construction saves the planet. It reduces traffic and waste, as everything is made in a sustainable factory. In addition, modular buildings are more energy efficient because they have thicker insulation and more robust double-paned windows.

Combined, these factors mean a lower carbon footprint from conception to completion and far beyond. Modular classrooms can be an environmentally friendly option for schools, colleges, universities, and training providers. As you already know, modular buildings are also an excellent investment for your bottom line. Not only are they easy to heat, but studies have shown that you can save over 70% on your energy bills when you choose them instead of traditional construction.

Modular buildings are designed to suit your needs.

Modular buildings can be customized for their specific function. Our teaching modules, for example, come with everything you need to start lessons within minutes of installation – such as:

  • Classrooms with furniture and fixtures
  • Science labs with benches, sinks, and non-slip flooring
  • Music suites with the very best acoustic treatments and effective soundproofing
  • Food Tech classrooms with cooking facilities and temperature-controlled storage spaces
  • Purpose-built gyms for PE and exercise sessions
  • Nurseries and daycare centers are designed to be safe for very young children
  • Toilet and shower units with sleek and hygienic fixtures

Fill out our form to get started, and tell us what type of modular building you want. We will handle the rest from there. Buying furniture, supplies, and equipment from the same source can save on time and money.

Modular buildings are up to 70% faster and 50% cheaper.

You’re short on space, and the teaching facilities are too crowded. Do you need to add a new building or do you want to switch things up?

Thanks to the customization options offered by modular buildings, you can create an office perfect for your needs. Modular buildings provide a huge range of features, including the size and shape, features, and the location of your building on site. For example, perhaps your admin department or reception should be relocated closer to the main entrance? Or it may also be a good idea to give more prominence to any IT suites or school libraries. Instead of thinking about the possibility of adding another classroom or extra seating in an already crowded area, perhaps it might be worth considering expanding into a new location instead.

Thanks to modular construction, you can make several good choices. You’ll be able to quickly install the units and customize them however you want while also saving money on your building expenses.

Additional cost-saving options

Schools can use more modular buildings now and save a lot of money while expanding their environment. However, adding some additional investments in the short term can provide a more significant return for your business in the long run. And there’s more. These features can make your home much more energy efficient, not just average.

Would you rather pay monthly?

If you need a modular building but don’t have the budget, please contact us to find out about finance options. We have helped many educational facilities find affordable ways of getting a new modular building, and you could do the same as well.

We’ve teamed up with a successful and reputable financial solutions provider, which has been securing competitive asset finance for businesses since 2009. This can be a huge help for startups that need funding but need the assets to use as security. They can secure financing without any upfront costs or lump sum payments and repay it over time.

Once you purchase a modular property, the agreement is paid back over several months, allowing you to save on your cash flow. What’s more, tax benefits are available when you invest in a modular property. You only need to spend what you can afford each month, meaning that this form of investment is almost immediately ready for use without tying up all your funds.

Ask us about modular classrooms

To learn more about modular buildings’ many benefits, please contact us today by filling out this contact form.

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